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FOCCUS: Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study

Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study

What is FOCCUS?

FOCCUS is an inventory designed to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship.  It is not a test nor meant as a predictor of success or failure in marriage. It is a tool to help couples name and work through issues before marriage.  FOCCUS has 2 parts: 1) an online survey and 2) an in-person meeting with trained married couple who will facilitate a discussion of your results.

When should we take the FOCCUS online survey?

You can complete FOCCUS anytime during your wedding preparation; however, the ideal time to complete FOCCUS is about 6 months before your wedding. Expect that it will take at least 2 months to coordinate your meeting with the married couple to discuss your results, so don’t wait until your wedding is too close.

How do we complete the survey?

Sometime shortly after you attend the Marriage Orientation at Saint Alphonsus, you will each receive an email with your FOCCUS user name and password. This access link is valid for 90 days and can be renewed if it expires.

Go to: http://www.foccusinc.com






After we finish our surveys, when should we expect to hear from the married couple that will facilitate our discussion?

You should expect to be contacted about 2 months after you and your fiancé have completed the online inventories.  At St Alphonsus, all the FOCCUS facilitation meetings are conducted by trained, volunteer married couples. Since over 130 couples prepare for their marriage at St Alphonsus each year, sometimes a little backlog occurs.

What if we have questions about the survey or what to do next?

Contact Nora Ramirez