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Confirmation – More Information

Our confirmation program is designed so that over three years, students can:


  • Explore the major themes and books of the Old and New Testaments
  • Explore Christian discipleship and the demands of Christian morality
  • Review what we believe in the Creed
  • Review what we believe about the sacraments
  • Develop their life of prayer, as they mature and grow

All of this assumes a background in the Catholic faith, acquired in grades one through five. By the end of confirmation preparation, our goal is that students have the knowledge contained in our comprehensive goal and vision statement.

The program has these components:

  • Mass Journal; which will be provided in classroom for Religious Education and AACA students.
  • Completion of their service journal, a list of service opportunities are listed here:  Set-Up at Lakeview Pantry, Sandwich Making for Homeless, St. Alphonsus Cleaning Angels
  • Meet with a St. Alphonsus staff member to discuss the mass and service journal, along with their readings about saints in their class work. Sign up forms for these meetings will be posted when they go live.
  • Attendance in classes in Religious Education or AACA
  • Holy Fire Retreat, held in the Fall
  • Write a reflection and submit to teacher/catechist.
    – A reflection about their gifts and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit – Year I
    – A reflection on discipleship – Year II.
    – A reflection on living a life of holiness, and the saints – Year III.
  • Tell us about your patron saint and sponsor. Complete Form Here.

Confirmation I includes students who begin the program in sixth grade, along with seventh and eighth graders who begin later.

Confirmation II includes students in seventh grade, along with eighth and ninth grade students who began later.

Confirmation III includes students in eighth grade, along with ninth and tenth grade students who began later.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, contact Fr. Michael O’Connell or Carlos Roman.


Here is a link for the full RE/Sacrament program calendar.


Mass Journal/Service Journal Links

Mass Journal will be distributed in class in mid-February.

Service Journal  based on service opportunities Set-Up at Lakeview Pantry, Sandwich Making for Homeless, St. Alphonsus Cleaning Angels


When do I pay the fee?

There is a $75 fee for each year of Confirmation preparation. You can pay the $75 fee any time. You can pay by check, made out to St. Alphonsus and directed to the Program Director’s attention. Or you can go to GiveCentral on the left and pay there.

When is Confirmation and which bishop will be confirming?

Confirmation is on Friday, May 18, 2018 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Bishop Francis Kane is scheduled to come. Rehearsal is Tuesday, May 9, 2017 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

Use this form to tell us your patron saint (and sponsor’s name.)


Who can be a sponsor?

A sponsor can be any baptized and confirmed Catholic over the age of 16, who not the parent, step-parent or adoptive parent of the candidate. A sponsor is a mentor and guide in the process – someone who can help the candidate to prepare for the sacrament and serve as a role model for the Christian life.

When should my child choose a sponsor?

The candidates can select a sponsor at any time. In late February/early March we’ll begin to ask for the names of the sponsors.

When does my child pick a confirmation name?

In selecting a new Christian name, the candidate is ‘adopting’ a new patron saint. We begin to work on this in February of Year III, but it is a great thing to be thinking about this and learning the lives of the saints earlier. You can find excellent resources for this, both in the St. Alphonsus bookstore, and publications from the Daughters of St. Paul. Other good resources are Saint of the Day from St. Anthony Messenger and the saints and angels index on Catholics.org.

What is the service journal?

The service journal is a reflection on how the candidate is growing by practicing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Students should be looking for opportunities to perform the works of mercy all the time. They should keep their journal current, as they complete these works of mercy. Periodically, the Program Director will review what is in the journal with the candidate. Click here to access the service journal.

Where can I buy religious items that might be suitable for a confirmation candidate?

Pauline Books and Media is downtown at Michigan and Randolph Watra’s is on the south side on Archer Avenue.
Can you recommend other materials that might me and my child to develop our faith? Check out our St. Alphonsus bookstore on Amazon for suggestions!