• Weekend Mass Times

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    7:45am, 10:30am, 5:00pm
    12:15pm (Spanish)
    9:15am (German, first Sunday of the month)
  • Daily Mass Times

  • Monday through Saturday
  • Wednesday6:00pm
  • Confessions

  • Wednesday Evening
    6:30pm – 7:15pm
  • Saturday Morning
    9:00am – 9:30am

First Eucharist and First Penance

Students in the second grade (who have completed the first year program) are prepared for the sacraments of penance (reconciliation) and Eucharist as part of their class sessions.

These class sessions are in conjunction with the formation which they receive with their families. The most important preparation children can receive for the Eucharist is to be regular participants at Sunday mass.

In addition to Sunday mass and classes, there is a Reconciliation Family Night in January and a Family First Eucharist retreat in the spring.

View the Religious Education/Sacrament Program Calendar.

Many students take part in the program in the second grade. However, students of all ages can be part of the process, with older students working in their own groups. These special sacrament classes for students who are not in second grade meet on another night in addition to Tuesday.

First Penance (Reconciliation) and Eucharist Program

Eucharist blueWe hope that this year is a wonderful one for you and your child. We hope to provide supportive materials and events which help you in your role as the primary religious educator.
Our program consists of:

  • A strong emphasis on the primacy of Sunday worship – and helping your child take his/her place in the assembly for the Eucharist.
  • Family materials and events.
  • Classroom instruction in the school or Tuesday Religious Education program.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, contact Carlos Roman or at 773-525-0709, ext. 119.


View the Religious Education/Sacrament Program Calendar.



When do I pay the fee?

You can pay the $70 fee any time. You can go to our link at GiveCentral. You may also pay by check, made out to St. Alphonsus and directed to Carlos Roman’s attention.


How do I sign up for the Family Night or the Retreat?

There will be online forms posted to sign up for your preferred time, so one is not more crowded than the other. You’ll know about a month in advance and can select your time then.


How do I sign up for the First Communion celebration?

There will be an email newsletter that goes out in January with a link to an online form. You can sign up for your mass preferences then. In the meantime, if family members want to make travel plans, you can choose the weekend. Each family will get their first choice for a date and time. How close to the front your pew will be is on a first come/first served basis.


What are those cards for the kids to turn in at mass – why?

Coming to mass on Sundays is one of the most important ways for your child to prepare for the Eucharist. It is there that s/he learns the meaning of the Eucharist at the heart of our lives as Catholics, as well as learning how to grow into full and active participation. Because Sunday is a privileged day, the day of the resurrection of Christ, there is no substitute!

One way that we encourage children to attend is to ask them to ‘check in’ with a staff member at the end of mass. These little cards are a simple way for them to say hello, for us to learn their names, and for them to realize the being here on Sundays is important.You can find these cards in card racks at each door of the church. Just have your child fill it out and hand it in. (This small act of responsibility is also a step on the road to maturity, as well.)


Where can I buy things like missals and rosaries for my child?

Please note that the mass translation changed in November, 2011. So, please check to make sure that the copyright of a missal is in 2011 or after.

You can order a children’s missal with the new translation (Third Edition of the Roman Missal) from Catholic Book Publishing.

Amazon has this edition available.

Can you recommend other materials that might help me work with my child at home?

Check out our St. Alphonsus bookstore on Amazon for suggestions!

How does the seating at First Communion work?

Each child will have his/her own pew (unless there are two children for one family, in which case, they share a pew.) The children will be seated on the center aisle. They will process in and process out. Their family will be seated next to them, as many as can fit in the pew. When they come up for communion, everyone in the family who is a communicant joins them in the line.

eucharistbannersAre there instructions for making a banner?

You can download the information and instructions here.


Are there banner kits that I can buy?

Check out this supplier

This supplier also has a kit you might like.